gluten free healthy Japanese cuisine quick meal vegan vegetarian

Miso glazed eggplant (Nasu Dengaku)

Miso glazed eggplant or Nasu Dengaku is a popular dish in Japan, especially in the middle of the summer (it’s a peak season for eggplants). This dish is usually made with well known American eggplant, because it has a lot of “meat” that works wonderfully with intense sauce. 

I fell in love with this dish from the first bite. It has intense umami flavour with sweetness – exactly what I like. And the best part – it’s super easy to make :). 

gluten free Lithuanian quick meal vegetarian

Baked curd cheese

Another great and really simple recipe. This week is Lithuanian week so another dish that I decided to make is Lithuanian baked curd cheese. I am sure you can use any cheese you like: brinza, feta, halloumi (however baking time should be different depending on the cheese type).

This baked cheese is great in the salads, sandwiches or you can eat it plain. 

gluten free Lithuanian quick meal vegetarian

Pink soup (šaltibarščiai)

My favorite Lithuanian dish. It literally translates to “cold borscht”, but it tastes nothing like borscht :).

I love the taste, vibrant colour and how easy it is to make it. It’s perfect for summer, but I eat it all year round. Pink colour comes from beetroots and kefir duet. Very simple, you don’t need to cook it and can be done in less than 10 min.

Dan Dan Noodles
Chinese pork quick meal

DAN DAN noodles

Dan dan noodles or dandanmian – a noodle dish originated in Sichuan. It is one of the most famous Sichuan street foods. This dish is served with freshly boiled noodles in little bit spicy and savoury sauce with crispy minced pork and crushed peanuts. Noodles can be served dry or as a soup ( in Sichuan it’s usually served as a soup and in American Chinese cuisine dry).

chicken Chinese gluten free quick meal

Orange chicken

First Chinese recipe this week – orange chicken. I believe – this turned out perfect. Orange juice sweetness and tanginess works perfect with soy sauce and orange zest adds the last potėpius. Quick with simple ingredients dish that gained huge popularity along many countries.

crispy harissa chcikpeas
gluten free Moroccan quick meal spicy vegan vegetarian

Crispy harissa chickpeas

I used to hate chickpeas, but little by little they are earning  place in my heart (as I already told you in some previous blog post). 

This recipe is super quick if you have stored-bought harissa. If you don’t have harissa, you can make paste yourself (as I did)! Paste can be stored in a fridge for ~month and, if you like spicy food,  you will use it way quicker :). 

Harissa and chickpeas duet turned out to be AMAZING. You can eat it as a snack or as a main dish with some salad and couscous.

gluten free Morrocan quick meal vegan vegetarian

Bakoula (Morrocan spinach and kale salad)

Bakoula is Moroccan salad made with mallow. Before making this salad I never heard of this plant before :). Bakoula is usually served as a side dish next to grilled foods, stew or tagines. I found many bakoula recipes with spinach and kale and decided to try to do my version of it. 

It’s healthy, easy to make and delicious! It was my first time trying to eat kale and I’m sure – it’s not the last.