gluten free Morrocan quick meal vegan vegetarian

Bakoula (Morrocan spinach and kale salad)

Bakoula is Moroccan salad made with mallow. Before making this salad I never heard of this plant before :). Bakoula is usually served as a side dish next to grilled foods, stew or tagines. I found many bakoula recipes with spinach and kale and decided to try to do my version of it. 

It’s healthy, easy to make and delicious! It was my first time trying to eat kale and I’m sure – it’s not the last. 

Zaalouk or Moroccan eggplant and tomato salad
gluten free Morrocan vegan vegetarian

Zaalouk or Moroccan eggplant and tomato salad

Another amazing eggplant dish is zaalouk – Moroccan salad (to my eyes it is an amazing dip:) ). It will work great in Moroccan bowls, with pita bread or tortillas, with other salads, couscous or just chips! I served it along with carrot salad, bakoula (both will be posted in following days), pita and grilled halloumi.