gluten free Lithuanian pork vegan vegetarian

Cooked sauerkraut

Another simple and great homemade recipe. Simple ingredients and just a few steps to make an amazing meal. I love to serve it with mashed potatoes, for me it’s the best duet :). If you want a vegan version – don’t add smoked sausage.

gluten free Lithuanian quick meal vegetarian

Baked curd cheese

Another great and really simple recipe. This week is Lithuanian week so another dish that I decided to make is Lithuanian baked curd cheese. I am sure you can use any cheese you like: brinza, feta, halloumi (however baking time should be different depending on the cheese type).

This baked cheese is great in the salads, sandwiches or you can eat it plain. 

gluten free Lithuanian quick meal vegetarian

Pink soup (šaltibarščiai)

My favorite Lithuanian dish. It literally translates to “cold borscht”, but it tastes nothing like borscht :).

I love the taste, vibrant colour and how easy it is to make it. It’s perfect for summer, but I eat it all year round. Pink colour comes from beetroots and kefir duet. Very simple, you don’t need to cook it and can be done in less than 10 min.