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Cooked sauerkraut

Another simple and great homemade recipe. Simple ingredients and just a few steps to make an amazing meal. I love to serve it with mashed potatoes, for me it’s the best duet :). If you want a vegan version – don’t add smoked sausage.

Dan Dan Noodles
Chinese pork quick meal

DAN DAN noodles

Dan dan noodles or dandanmian – a noodle dish originated in Sichuan. It is one of the most famous Sichuan street foods. This dish is served with freshly boiled noodles in little bit spicy and savoury sauce with crispy minced pork and crushed peanuts. Noodles can be served dry or as a soup ( in Sichuan it’s usually served as a soup and in American Chinese cuisine dry).

Korean gochujang pork
gluten free Korean pork quick meal

Korean gochujang pork

Today’s dish was a surprise for my taste receptors. Finally I had a chance to try gochujang and I’m so happy that I did! Marinade was improvisation, but I will definitely save it. I will cook chicken, cauliflower, tofu in it.. 

Probably you already understood – this recipe is amazing, all flavors just work perfect together.  

Italian meatballs
beef Itališka pork quick meal

Italian meatballs

Simple home dish, most of the ingredients you already have in your pantry. If you are too lazy to prepare meatball sauce, you can use store bought marinara and it will take even less time to prepare this meal.

Argentinian chili
Argentinian cuisine beef gluten free

Argentinian style chili

his dish is a meat lovers dream. It’s warm and heartily stew with chorizo and minced beef. It has mild spiciness and definitely warms you from the inside. I learned that leftovers of this stew go so well with pasta, as a sauce :).

Argentinian cuisine gluten free pork quick meal


As we know, sometimes the simplest things are the best. This post recipe is an example of it.
Choripán – easy to make and soooo delicious! It’s popular street food in Argentina. The name of it translates to main ingredients: chorizo and bun (pan in Spanish). This sandwich is usually served with chimichurri and salsa criolla.

Keftedes (Greek Meatballs)
beef gluten free Greek pork quick meal

Keftedes (Greek Meatballs)

Keftedes are fried Greek meatballs, usually served as appetizer and, also, as part of meze platter. Keftedes can be served as a main dish with tzatziki, feta salad and rice/potatoes.

I did a slightly healthier version, where keftedes are baked and not fried. However that doesn't mean that they are less delicious. Meatballs are still crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's so hard not to like them!

Moussaka (greek eggplant and meat lasagna)
beef gluten free Greek pork

Moussaka (greek eggplant and meat lasagna)

Moussaka is greek version of lasagna. Instead of pasta they use my favorite eggplants and / or potatoes. This dish is very aromatic and should be liked by even pickiest eaters.

In my version I used only eggplant, this way the dish becomes a little bit lighter. And do not be afraid, it’s super easy to make.