Argentinian chili
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Argentinian style chili

his dish is a meat lovers dream. It’s warm and heartily stew with chorizo and minced beef. It has mild spiciness and definitely warms you from the inside. I learned that leftovers of this stew go so well with pasta, as a sauce :).

Argentinian cuisine gluten free pork quick meal


As we know, sometimes the simplest things are the best. This post recipe is an example of it.
Choripán – easy to make and soooo delicious! It’s popular street food in Argentina. The name of it translates to main ingredients: chorizo and bun (pan in Spanish). This sandwich is usually served with chimichurri and salsa criolla.

Quinoa risotto with boletus
Argentinian cuisine gluten free vegan vegetarian

Quinoa risotto with boletus

Quinoa is another food that I really like. These seeds (yes, technically it’s seeds) have neutral flavor, that means you can play with different spices and ingredients this way creating new flavors and a lot of different variations. Quinoa origin is South America and you can find many great dishes with them.

While deciding what to cook I was between two choices: empanadas with quinoa or quinoa risotto. Risotto won, but only because I had some leftover boletus in my freezer :). Today’s dish is very easy, fast, gluten-free and most importantly very delicious and nutritious.